+ Branding

+ Website / Graphic Design

+ Social Media Management

+ Photography

+ Videography

Year: 2013-16




In April of 2013, I founded TheKhronox to the Showcase musicians, visual artists, clothing lines, etc. that I ran across locally and via the internet. For some THEKX was the first website to post their material.

Due to me being a very visual person, the website rarely had any touch of reviews and other forms of writing. After recruiting a few writers for the website in 2015, I began solely focusing on the artistic side of THEKX.


Monthly playlists featured independent and major label artists.


THEKX had many YouTube segments that allowed viewers to get to know some of the familiar faces of the website. Along with videos came photos. Whenever I was able to do so, I often traveled to different events that showcased talents and captured the moments.


3rd Eye Music Festival - 2015

Hood Hippie  X Fondren First Thursday Collection - 2015

Jackson Annual Hip Hop Awards - 2016

Kings Of The South Tour - 2016