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Early in my life, I fell in love with art and music. In school, I participated in numerous visual art contests and choir competitions. After school, I would rush home to draw digital hamburgers on Microsoft Paint and tune in to daily episodes of BET’s 106 and Park. Both interests combined eventually led to me making fan art of some of my favorite artists including Mindless Behavior and Jacob Latimore.


Alongside art, I found interest in blogging. In 2011, I created a website in which I showcased upcoming musicians, dancers, and other creatives that I met on social media. This blossomed into me creating "TheKhronox” in 2013. The outlet allowed me to develop skills such as filming, editing, social media management, and etc. Although I enjoyed it, the imbalance between the platform and my art led to me bringing "TheKhronox" to an end in 2016.


Since then, I’ve been producing a variety of works of art including Jackson, Mississippi Geotags for Snapchat, illustrating a children’s book, website design, packaging design, and more. Whether it’s through still imagery or motion, I strive to continue contributing to what you and I “Cee.”

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